Bonus!  I’m taking a quick break from the Japan posts and throwing an extra one out this week.  This is to talk about something near and dear to every Northwesterner’s heart: rain.

The Pacific Northwest has been pummeled by record rainfall this week, creating rivers in the streets and flooding in parking lots.  The storms have been quite hazardous, and I hope for everyone’s safety.  We are fortunate to live on a hill (though not so much to be in danger of landslides), and I work close enough to walk, so I can avoid the resulting traffic nightmare.


This also means I can snatch my camera and capture a shot or two along my commute (between hopping puddles and wading rivers).  There’s a beauty to the unrelenting moisture, and I’m happy to witness it (though not be severely impacted by it).  We’ll be damp for a while yet, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to appreciate the reflections and the surreal aesthetics of the wet city.

What do you think?