WC: When Happy Meets Good

If you didn’t know by now, I’ll let you in on a (not-so-)little secret: I’m a bit obsessed with photography.  I experience much of my life through the lens, and I remember through pictures.

It’s difficult for me to separate photographs of good technical quality with those that have a strong sentimental tie, because I have similar reactions to both.  The former are like the good child – always doing well in school, someone who brings great pride.  The latter are also like children (they’re a piece of you), and while they may not perform as admirably, the mother loves them for all of the happy moments and experiences.

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WC: The Quest for the Edge

When I was a more casual photographer, I shot whatever caught my eye.  This mostly consisted of random moments, people, cats, and daily oddities.  My pictures generally didn’t look like others’, mostly because I was shooting things they missed.  I found an appreciation for scenic and landscape shots, but they too were mostly spontaneous – whatever I saw as I came across them.

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WC: A Year in the Life of a Photographer

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little crazy.  I do so. much.  You know me as a photographer.  But I’m also a musician, writer, software developer, anime enthusiast, and cat lover.  I love getting outside – bike riding, skiing, camping, hiking, and now backpacking.  I travel and read.  And I don’t know how to say no to an opportunity. Continue reading

WC: This Fleeting Yet Beautiful Life

I’m constantly reminded that life is fleeting.  The older I get, the faster time goes by, and the stronger my slippery grasp upon it becomes, milking every ounce of excitement, adventure, experiences, and love that I can.  We live in a crazy world, and I simply never know if I’ll have another opportunity to photograph Landscape Arch standing, witness a total solar eclipse, or spend a day with my beautiful kitty.  Time goes by so quickly – impermanent as a colorful sunrise – and I want to make sure it’s well spent.

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WC: Beautiful Nostalgia

Moments are fleeting.  By the time you’ve even processed that a moment is occurring, it has faded into the past.  From there, they coalesce into a jumble of memories, with the mundane and the daily negativities vanishing to leave behind the best and most impactful times.  We play these in our heads over and over, and they age like good wine into a beautiful nostalgia.

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WC: Beauty in Decay

I’m always fascinated by seeing evidence of history long gone.  The ruins of an old building, a decommissioned road slowly being reclaimed by nature – embers of the past.

One of my highlights of our trip to Hawaii last year was the surprise discovery of a ruined restaurant.  It was even more beautiful in its dilapidation than images of the original in its heyday.  There’s just something about the process of the wilderness taking back what’s hers that I find intriguing.  There are a thousand things to photograph; every detail is mesmerizing.

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