WC: Beautiful Nostalgia

Moments are fleeting.  By the time you’ve even processed that a moment is occurring, it has faded into the past.  From there, they coalesce into a jumble of memories, with the mundane and the daily negativities vanishing to leave behind the best and most impactful times.  We play these in our heads over and over, and they age like good wine into a beautiful nostalgia.

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© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

Zoe: Fond Memories

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

Zoe was a beautiful cat, obstinate and aloof, yet a softie sweetheart to those she knew well and loved.  She had to have things her way or not at all, and since I wished for nothing more than her happiness, this inevitably led to a spoiled furry princess under our roof.  She got first pick of the best furniture; we sat elsewhere or worked around her.  There were days when I didn’t get up from the couch nearly all day because she ordained my lap to be her throne for the day.  She loved her pettings and the occasional brush (only on her head and face), but only on her terms.  She would even take any scraps you were willing to give her (and beg fervently), but she never worked too hard for them. Continue reading