WC: Beautiful Nostalgia

Moments are fleeting.  By the time you’ve even processed that a moment is occurring, it has faded into the past.  From there, they coalesce into a jumble of memories, with the mundane and the daily negativities vanishing to leave behind the best and most impactful times.  We play these in our heads over and over, and they age like good wine into a beautiful nostalgia.

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WC: Pre-Digital Ambiance

My digital archive begins around 2005 with poor-quality photos (both in technique and equipment) and really takes off in 2007 with my first DSLR.

However, I have over two decades of life prior to then.  Granted, I wasn’t taking photos for all of that time, but I still have plenty of pre-digital memories.  Most of these are in boxes, a few have been preserved in scrapbooks, and many many more are simply somewhere else.

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The days when I cared most about my (and my brother’s) stuffed animals

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