This Week on Instagram: 4/28/17

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have a good set this week (I think so, anyway :)).  My viewership on Instagram seems to have dipped somewhat from past weeks.  I blame my experimentation.. it’s such a fickle game!

Sadly, I see so many wonderful artists on Instagram who have phenomenal images and paltry engagement.  If you’re on Instagram, I encourage you to go out and like photos and leave meaningful comments.  You can’t imagine how much it means to the photographer to know a real human likes their work.

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This Week On Instagram: 4/7/17

This week included some local shots of the spring sakura, some from our adventures in Arches National Park, and another from Yosemite.  It wasn’t as active as last week, but I’m still playing around with my hashtags to maximize visibility.  Once I can identify some patterns, I’ll be sure to share my findings!

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

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WC: Packed in Pink – Spring is Here!

You’ve heard me tout my love for autumn, and I’ve found a new passion for visiting national parks in the icy winter.  But I also love spring.  I guess I just love all seasons… except perhaps summer..  I like to be different, right?  Liking summer is too cliche.

I’m just kidding… I like summer, too 🙂

Spring is special, though.  Like fall, it’s transient and ephemeral.  Change embodied in drier days and budding blooms.  After a winter like we’ve had this year, I’m more anxious than usual for the sunshine and warmth.

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Photo of the Week: Your Spring is Showing

You may think it’s a bit early for spring, but the life everywhere disagrees.  Birds are chirping at sunrise, the sun is winning its battle with winter’s blanket of clouds, and all around, trees are in full bloom, painting the Waterfront in pastel hues that sing of spring.

This is the fleeting time when the sakura emerge, dominating the trees in pale pink.  As an obvious fan of Japan, I love this foreign gift in my own backyard.

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