Photo of the Week: Candid Portraits

Photo of the Week: Candid Portraits

While I love beautiful scenic shots, my favorite type of shooting is candid portraits.  A lot of people become self-conscious when a lens is pointed in their direction, or they ask if they need to get out of your shot.  This makes these moments difficult to capture.. but all the more rewarding.


This shot was taken during a recent trip to Oneonta Gorge.  We had just waded through waist-deep (cold!) water, and Natasha was huddled up against a wall while we crazy photographers chased after a waterfall.  Glancing back, I noticed the cairns (another photographer was already zooming in for some close-ups) and Natasha taking in the view of the beautiful gorge.  I loved the character of this image, so I snatched it quickly before she could move “out of my shot.”

Moment: acquired 🙂

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