Every year around this time, as Halloween looms on the horizon, the undead emerge in droves.  Around here, there are walks, pub crawls, 5k runs, and – of course – dancing.  I partook in the Thrill the World dance a few years ago, donning the torn garments, the pale makeup, and the fake blood (and even some real blood!).  I learned all of the moves and joined the masses around the world all dancing to Michael Jackson in sync.  Aaron passed on the dance but was happy to limp and moan his way with me down the city streets.

This year, I chose to simply shoot zombies, instead 🙂

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

People in costume generally love having their pictures taken, and peeling flesh and gaping wounds make for great detail shots.  There’s so much character (and many characters) to capture, so it’s always fun, and it appeals to my affinity for candids.  There were many very expressive zombies this year.  I loved the hair, the stitches, and the mismatched contacts on this one.  Creepy!

And because it’s almost Halloween, here are a few bonus images:

Happy Halloween!  Be mindful passing graveyards….


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