I don’t usually do a lot of panoramas.  They take extra work that I don’t always have patience for; more often than not, panoramic sets sit abandoned in my raw photos directory, waiting futilely for some caring soul to stitch them together.  However, when I do put in the time for a panorama, I make it count (insert Dos Equis meme here).

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

There are many excellent vantage points around the city for the spectacular sunrises that grace our horizon from time to time.  Pittock Mansion is probably the most acclaimed by local photographers, as it affords an unobstructed, divine vista of downtown with Mt. Hood standing proudly as a backdrop.

It’s hard to catch the perfect sunrise – when the light cloud layer is set ablaze by the impending day – but even when Mother Nature takes it easy, one is seldom disappointed by making the journey, so long as the conditions are reasonable.  This day’s sunrise was mediocre (comparatively), but I can’t complain about the results.  You’ll certainly see me back up there for another try.  In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for what I get along my beautiful commute down on the ground with the rest of the mortals.


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