You may think it’s a bit early for spring, but the life everywhere disagrees.  Birds are chirping at sunrise, the sun is winning its battle with winter’s blanket of clouds, and all around, trees are in full bloom, painting the Waterfront in pastel hues that sing of spring.

This is the fleeting time when the sakura emerge, dominating the trees in pale pink.  As an obvious fan of Japan, I love this foreign gift in my own backyard.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

This time of year is full of hope and new life, the promise of the end of the rain.  It lets me know that warmer and drier days are on the horizon, heralding more outdoor adventures, the end of dark hibernation.  Don’t get me wrong, I love storms.  But nonstop drizzle for four months can wear one down, fueling a sense of cabin fever like no other season.  For someone who loves to explore, I get tired of all the wet.  Cameras don’t much like rain, either.

Bring on the sunshine!


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