Photo of the Week: Portal

Photo of the Week: Portal

We jokingly call this the “Shawshank Bridge” because this looks like a passageway into a prison grounds.  Fortunately, it does not mark the end of freedom; it is merely one of the many bridges I cross along the daily route of my commute.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

It also serves as an interesting foreground for sunrise.  This time of year, mornings are completely clouded in more often than not.  Fortunately, I’m ready for the rare times the sun does manage to break through, as I can now keep a super lightweight camera tucked in my bag.

I love the tunnel perspective, the concentric rectangles, the circles of the razor wire.. all ultimately leading to the promise of a bright new morning.

And though I cross this ominous bridge every day, I’m still free to take pictures of it.


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