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Aaron recently took me up to Seattle for my birthday (a surprise trip, because you know I love those).  Fortunately, he knows me quite well, because the weekend involved good food, cats, and photographic opportunities.  Though it’s painful every time, we made a point to get up early for sunrise on our last day there, and it was totally worth it. A blanket of fog envelops Seattle at dawn | LotsaSmiles Photography However, this image has a somewhat tragic story behind it.

Kerry Park

We set our alarm, giving us plenty of time to make our way to the ever-popular Kerry Park – the place to shoot Seattle.  It was still completely dark when we left our rental, but we started to see color as we climbed out of downtown.  I was further excited to see some light fog; this was a perfect morning for sunrise! We pulled up to Kerry Park and saw a few tripods already in place.  My jaw dropped when I looked at the sky; it was pixel gold with fog just kissing the city as the dawn rays painted a band of color on the horizon.  Perfect perfect!! I leapt out of the car, grabbed my tripod from the trunk, and raced for overlook. Despite my best efforts, though, the fog had completely sucked in the city by the time I got my camera set up.  I was so disappointed.

Battling the fog

A blanket of fog envelops Seattle at dawn | LotsaSmiles Photography But that didn’t stop me from shooting anyway, and this was the resulting photo.  It’s not quite the magic that was there even two minutes prior, but I still really love it.  Besides, this kind of exemplifies Seattle, no? I then proceeded to wait and hope in vain that the fog would thin once more and let the sunrise poke through.  Unfortunately, while it was constantly roiling, it never actually went anywhere.  It teased a few times, permitting brief glimpses of the city below, but the magic was gone. The fog did eventually clear once more, but by then, the sky was pale and ordinary. The Seattle Space Needle poking through the morning fog | LotsaSmiles Photography I’m still pleased with the photos I did get, but I would have preferred to capture that initial scene.  At least I saw it; that’ll have to be enough.  And next time, I’ll get up a few minutes earlier, just in case.  
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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I always seem to find myself at Kerry Park when I go to Seattle. If only I were there just a few minutes earlier! Glad you like the images 🙂

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