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There’s just something magical about winter.  While I’m not a big fan of cold weather, I’m certainly a fan of what it does to the landscapes with which I’m so familiar – and even those with which I’m not.  It’s no secret that I love snow, but I also happen to like ice. Misty hill of trees in Oregon, in monochrome | LotsaSmiles Photography Snow lends a soft purity while ice forms a magical crystallization of the world.  From snow-covered hoodoos to frigid, misty mornings to behemoth glaciers, frozen structures tickle my senses and simply beg to be photographed. And I’m fortunate when they are present when the main attraction isn’t really the best photo.

The disappointing waterfall

Icicles hanging from a branch downstream from Tamanawas Falls in Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography As mentioned previously, we ventured out for a little winter hike.  It wound up being more of any icy hike, but the chilly waterfalls were worth the trek.  But when we got to the end of the trail, the final waterfall really wasn’t all that appealing. I took a few pictures there anyway; I don’t know how to not take photos, even when they aren’t really there.  And as I rested at the end of the hike – while everyone else was having a snack – I kept playing around, tinkering with possible shots.  The surroundings didn’t have much to offer, but I wouldn’t give up. I shot someone crossing the creek in front of the falls (they’re fine now ;)).  I shot some cute little icicles hanging over a rivulet rushing over a rock.  And then I busted out the big guns to capture some of the details on the wall behind the falls, proper.


Layers of icicles hanging under Tamanawas Falls in Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography My viewfinder treated me with an alluring image, a pattern of vertical lines stretching down to form their own solidified waterfall of ice.  I love the simplicity of nature’s patterns; these little things are so pure and so beautiful.  I am always fascinated by icicles lining eaves, but these layers of crystal stalactites could trick me into believing I’m in a cave.  What mysterious cubby had I discovered? Constantly changing, morphing, expanding, melting, I know it would look entirely different should I return.  But for now, I could bring the magic home with me.  And I’m happy to have found beauty in the mundane shot.
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    1. Thank you! I love the magic winter lends to a landscape. It’s one of my favorite seasons, as it’s so much fun to photograph 😀

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