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Guess what, folks??  It’s autumn!  Have I mentioned before that this is my favorite season?  I love the colors and the coolness in the air, the smells and the squash.  Of course, this is the prime time to get outside for some hikes in the gorgeous weather and to let loose the shutter to capture all of the fiery beauty of nature.  It was the promise of this very season that guided our decision to visit Japan in the fall.  Tokyo was a bit early (at the beginning of November), but we were just in time in Kyoto!
A copse of trees in full autumn color in front of Mt. Adams just before sunset | LotsaSmiles Photography
We ventured out this past weekend in search of fall color, and I’m thrilled to report we found some. Autumn leaves in the sunshine | LotsaSmiles Photography Now, I’ll have the full story and lots more pictures next week, but I wanted to set your mouth watering with this teaser.  Hot off the digital press, my latest wow. We spent the perfect day on the trail, just waiting for the evening’s golden hour.  And as we were all nursing our sore muscles that evening, we took a leisurely drive through the countryside.  On the south side of Mt. Adams, we came upon many picturesque scenes, but this was my favorite.  The colors of the foreground copse were at their peak, and the peak behind stood magnificently.  I just love all the details!  This is quintessential autumn at its finest, and it just makes me happy. A copse of trees in full autumn color in front of Mt. Adams just before sunset | LotsaSmiles Photography I’m pleased as punch right now, especially with so many things to shoot.  I just hope I can store away enough of this positive energy to last me through the rainy months.  I have a feeling I will! Which season do you love most?
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