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There’s something truly stunning about places above the 60th parallel.  It’s much cooler there (usually), and frozen landscapes make for some of my favorite photography.  How could you not love the perfect white beautifully contrasting the deep blues and bright oranges?  Besides, I’m something of a sucker for snow; it transforms a scene into a magical wonderland.

Snowy lake reflecting the frozen landscape in Norway, in monochrome | LotsaSmiles Photography

Now, much to our dismay, it was actually blazingly hot when we visited Norway (at the end of May!).  Oslo was the hottest it had been in three years, and everyone commented on how unusual this late-spring heatwave was.  We had to seek higher elevations above the fjords to find snow-capped peaks and frost-dotted tundra.  Fortunately, that’s not difficult to find in Norway, and if we really struggled, we could just keep driving north.

Norway is a photographer’s dream.  Around every corner is a new spectacular sight, and my fingers itched for my camera constantly.  We didn’t stop as often or for as long as the pixel-obsessed artist within me wanted to, so I was relegated to frequently shooting out the window as we passed yet another pristine spot.  We also weren’t on a dedicated photo excursion, so I had to restrain myself to keep up with the fast-moving iPhone camera crowd.

But in the times we did stop, I took full advantage of the amazing scene around me.

A snowy ridge and puffy clouds, perfectly reflected and a mirror-smooth lake in Norway | LotsaSmiles Photography

There’s nothing quite like glacial pools along an elevated pass.  The water is about as untainted as you can possibly get, and it’s incredibly clear.  Looking at this picture, you can hardly even tell the rocks are at least several feet below the surface.  This ice melt also harbors a blue tinge that makes the water almost appear to glow from within and dazzle the eyes with its brilliant hue.  This effect was particularly apparent closer to the forks of each fjord.

And it’s remarkably reflective!  If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know I’m also a real sucker for reflections.  I simply love the perfect mirrors nature provides.  With my camera for company, I could have stayed in this spot forever.

I can only imagine how much more magical this place would have been at dusk, the fading sun lending its oranges and purples.  But we would have had to stick around for quite a bit longer, and there was far too much more of this beautiful country yet to explore!

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    1. Iceland is certainly on my list!! I hear it’s pretty cost-effective to simply use Iceland as a layover to Norway.. We should have just done that and spent a few days there. But I’m certain that wouldn’t have been nearly long enough!

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