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Exploring Norway is a new scenic wonder around every corner.  Just when we thought we had been wow’d enough for one day, something else fell across our path that renewed the amazement.  This particular day, we had already visited an adorable church and hiked a spectacular glacier (that story’s coming soon!).  We were merely on our way to another beautiful campsite for the evening.

But the landscape wanted to hold us tight, to seduce us into staying out later to soak in the natural wonders.  We were surrounded by eye candy; it’s a shock we ever slept.  How could the inside of a familiar tent ever compare to Mother Nature’s endless artwork all around us for miles in every direction?

An evening view of a Norwegian road winding through the valley | LotsaSmiles Photography

Alas, we never drove very fast or very far at any single interval (except through the view-stealing tunnels).  A new scene pulled us off the road every quarter-mile.  A waterfall there, a ice field here.  Fjords, rivers, valleys, vistas.  My camera drank it all in insatiably.

And the higher in elevation we ascended, the more alluring the landscape grew.

This particular evening, we were just minding our own business, driving along yet another windy road.  The scene outside our windows was innocuous enough – some green hills, some goats, some water stretching into the distance behind us.

But Norway is cunning.

It started with a mountain in the distance.  Then a waterfall sprang from the gorge wall.  It was temping, but we were still in control.  We could resist the pull.

Icy creek running through a frozen tunnel across the Norwegian landscape | LotsaSmiles Photography

Then Norway got sneaky.

An ice patch here.  A bit of glistening snow there.  And before we knew it, the frosty land had ambushed us and we couldn’t escape.

We tried to run, but it was wearing us down, slowly, inexorably.

Finally, Norway brought out the big guns – the coup de grace.

The evening sun poked through the distant clouds, adding magic to the now far-off fjord, and all hope was lost.  We halted in our tracks, got out of the car, and began taking pictures.  What could we do?  We were powerless.

You might call us weak.  You might think we should have resisted just a bit longer.

But with a place as incredible as Norway, would we really want to?

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