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This is going to be a quick post this week.  As mentioned on Monday, I’m working on some big things for my site behind the scenes, so I’m taking it easy on the blogging.  Instead, I’ll leave you with just a few images from Norway.

I couldn’t quite decide on which “wow” picture to share this week, so you get two scenes.

Sun setting over a still lake surrounded by snow-speckled hills in Norway | LotsaSmiles Photography

The first one was one of the rare times we saw sunset in Norway.  We were usually driving or checking out an epic glacier, so this was a welcome treat.  We stopped along the side of the road for some quick Jetboil dinner when the sun chose to put on a little show for us.

Could we have asked for better views during dinner?

Cairns lining a point overlooking a snow-speckled vista of Norwegian hills | LotsaSmiles Photography

And this was along a higher-elevation highway.  Up there, ice dusted the landscape, and the temperature was finally pleasant from the sweltering heat closer to sea-level.  We stopped here to observe the scenery and check out the many cairn piles arranged about.  The clouds also graced us with some dappled shade, enhancing the texture of the landscape before us.

I’ll be back next week for another photostory on Geiranger Fjord, so stay tuned!  I promise more cute goats!  Be sure to follow my blog (you can either click the WordPress “follow” button or enter your email address in the sidebar) to receive alerts on new posts.

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