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We visited both Sunrise Point and Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, and we found they really aren’t very different.  Spaced just a half mile apart, you can get the same views from both.  However, Sunrise gives more of the valley floor and the northern distance, while Sunset focuses more on a little southern inlet.

Fire-orange hoodoos in Bryce Canyon at sunrise | LotsaSmiles Photography

This latter segment glows a brilliant orange at sunset… but it catches the rays from the other side at sunrise.  Overall, we found Sunset Point was, indeed, better for sunset, but sunrise was spectacular from either.

I liked sunrise better from Sunset Point, only because it offered more variety.  I could focus on the field of hoodoos catching the first rays, or I could turn my camera toward the valley for the sweeping view.

Snowy hoodoos in Bryce Canyon at sunrise | LotsaSmiles Photography

Right from the start, this park was a constant wow, so this week is no different.  I hope you love seeing these beautiful geological wonders as much as I do.

This week is a short one because I’m in Norway!  Be sure to follow my blog to be the first to see pictures from this breathtakingly gorgeous country!

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