TWOI: 10/27/17

Happy Friday once more!  Today kicks off Day 1 of my favorite convention, Kumoricon!  Look forward to many pictures from that coming soon.  For now, I should probably be shooting a panel.... I wanted to try something different this week, so I experimented with grid photos!  The idea is that…

TWOI – 9/29/17

I'm excited to be getting well into our Denali adventures, so understandably, this week, Instagram featured several shots from that trip.  But I try to keep some variety, so there's a taste of a few other destinations as well this week. (more…)

TWOI: 9/22/17

Happy fall, everyone!  If you've been following my site for a while, you'll know I simply love love love love LOVE autumn!  I can't wait for the brilliant colors to paint the town.  Look forward to photos of the Northwest bathed in oranges, reds, and yellows very soon! This first…
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