Landscape Arch

I know I promised the amazing story of our third day in Arches last week, but I’m afraid I have one more post for you before I get to that.

I also previously promised some panoramas of our stunning sunrise at Landscape Arch, and this is the promise I get to fulfill this week!

As you already know, it took us three days to finally get our sunrise in Arches, and it was worth the wait.  What I didn’t know is it would likewise take three tries at my computer to get just the right panorama out of that day.

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WC: Rules Repurposed

I pride myself on being unconventional.  I never want to do the same as everyone else, and as my father put it on my wedding day, I “blaze my own trail.”  I would be devastated if someone labeled me as “ordinary;” I want to be recognized as unique.

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