WC: 5 Things that Drastically Improved My Photography in 2017

I’m constantly learning.  But I love building on my skills and improving.  How boring would this world be if there was nothing new left to learn?  There aren’t as many items as last year, but while I’m finding fewer things that really improve my art each year, I hope to never stop growing.

Here are a few things that drastically improved my photography in 2017:
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7 Things that Drastically Improved my Photography in 2016

I’m taking a brief break from the desert road trip posts to reflect a bit on 2016.

Many say 2016 was a horrible year, but I don’t quite share that sentiment.  George R. R. Martin unleashing his wrath upon the celebrity world aside, my year was full of amazing travel, loving family, and more action than any single person should squeeze into a single year (you should see our Christmas cards!).

I also grew significantly as a photographer (as I did in 2015).  These are some things that changed my photographic world in 2016 Continue reading

How to Be Late for Work

Warning: photography may become addictive.  So much so, that your camera calls to you when you should be doing other things.. like work.  The pull didn’t used to be so strong for me, nor was it so easy to acquiesce to its alluring beckoning.  But over time, it became easier.  It takes practice, but you, too, can become an effective member of the tardy workforce.  These are the key elements conducive to photographic slacking: Continue reading