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For those who have been getting tired of all the Hawaii posts, I have good news!  I should have only one more post on it next week to wrap up our last day there.  For those who love all things Hawaii and can’t get enough, I have good news!  I still have one more post on it coming next week to wrap up our last day there!

Going on a trip to paradise alongside other photographers – with the purpose of shooting all week – sure provided me with enough blog fodder to last several weeks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey.

Coming up, I’ll have some stories from Crater Lake – a bit closer to home – as well as Vancouver BC.  And by the time those are up, I might have more pictures from an upcoming Rocky Mountain road trip, mountain camping, hikes, and more!  We’re always out doing something; it’s hard to keep up!

Speaking of which, this week’s post will be brief, as I spent much of the weekend filling up my SD cards with con photos (did you know I shoot for the local anime conventions?  I’m up to about 4-5 per year), so I’m a bit behind.  Additionally, I have unexpectedly filled all of my hard drives (commence PANIC) – external *and* internal – so I can’t really publish anything more until the new one comes later this week (hopefully 4TB will last me a bit longer).  That’s what I get for switching to shooting in RAW!

For now, I will leave you with this sunset shot from our last day.  We returned to our puka spot and soaked in as much of the tropical sun as we could.  This is an HDR image – a technique I use with great caution – and I think it turned out well.  I particularly like the placement of the sun reflecting in the little inlet and the red reflected off the rocks.  I miss this place already…

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Be sure to come back next week for the exciting conclusion of our photographic adventures in paradise!


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