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Welcome to the third month of musical photo challenges!  I hope your holidays are shaping up well and you’re a little less busy than I am!

You can see last month’s submissions here.  You’ll have until the end of the month to submit your responses for December’s challenge.

This Month’s Prompt

“Giants” by X Ambassadors
The Reason

When you’re lost in the world
And you’re wondering what you want
Say oh, a little bit of everything

Find a house, find a girl
Settle down, but it ain’t enough
‘Cause oh, you want a little bit of everything
Said oh, a little bit of everything

We could be giants
The last of the hometown heroes
The last of the hometown heroes
Bigger than giants
Tonight we’re moving mountains
Bigger than giants

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This song recognizes that life can be so much grander if we want it to, and even when we’re down, we can rise up to embrace more.  When we demand “a little bit of everything,” we can become unstoppable giants.

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My Response

Not only does this song pump me up (as do many from X Ambassadors), but the message speaks to me as well.  It’s powerful and motivational, and it’s the mantra I live by.  I want the absolute most out of life, and I’m always pushing for more.  I really do want a little bit of everything.

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I chose this picture from my Alaska trip because it represents a journey that – even by my standards – was quite extraordinary.  For the first time, I donned a 50-pound pack and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness for a week.  We sought these magnificent giants in the wild, and it was truly remarkable.  I’m proud of my accomplishment that week, and it only expands my horizons into more new experiences to be had.  Someday, I, too, will move mountains.

Your Turn

What does this song mean to you?  Does it inspire you, too?  What’s something “giant” in your world?  Perhaps you want to play with some macro, where everything is rendered larger than life.  Maybe you want to submit an image that represents your “reason.”  Or you could share a picture of someone who is an ambassador to something you believe in.  Remember, you’re welcome to use any aspect of this song as inspiration.  The interpretation is up to you!


Please send me:

  • An image that meets the challenge
  • Your website/blog post (if you have one; if not, the name you’d like attributed to your picture); I will link it with your photo
  • Optionally, tell me how the song inspired your submission, and I’ll share those stories alongside your image (I’m always curious to hear how folks interpret these challenges!)

Image requirements:

  • Please send only JPEGs
  • Please keep file sizes small (no larger than 1MB)
  • You can submit any photograph or digital art you’d like.  You can even paint something and send me a picture of it; as long as it’s visual, I want to see it!

Email your submissions to

Please have all images submitted by 11:59pm, 12/31/17 (according to your timezone).

Good luck!

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