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We’ve made it to the second installment of my monthly photo challenge!  If you missed out on last month, you can read all about it here.  You’ll have until the end of the month to submit your responses for this one.

This Week’s Prompt

“Moon” by Eve 6
Speak in Code

She said look at the moon,
It’s like a fingernail clipping
A sliver of light in the cold black sky
I gave her my coat, held her close and she cried
As the sun came up over the jagged skyline,
The silence amplified our beating hearts
And I didn’t answer when she asked why

One life to live
Many paths to take
One twists and turns and falls away
And flowers bloom in brilliant light
And fade into the night
So much to lose
Or so it seems
These idle games and children’s dreams
How they confound and split the seams inside my mind
I just keep moving on into the unknown

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This is a sad song, speaking of a break-up.  This is a tribute to the end of a relationship, having faded like the waning moon.  It is a transition and a maturing beyond childish games and venturing into the unknown.

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My Response

This song makes me feel lonely yet hopeful.  It’s the closing of one chapter in favor of a new one.  It evokes a sense of sorrow, when time feels so alone.  However, it’s a necessary period of growth.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

I originally really wanted to get out and get a new picture for this challenge, but sadly the weather hasn’t agreed with my ambitions as of late.  So I selected a photo I took during our icy trip to Yosemite – one I haven’t used before – and processed it in such a way as to emphasize the feelings this song invokes for me.  Thus, the image is overall a lonesome blue, and the moon is disappearing behind the rocks like a departing lover.

However, like so many things, this cycle of loss will renew itself into new birth.  The moon will rise once more, just as the future will present new opportunities; the world keeps spinning.

Your Turn

What does this song mean to you?  Do you get feelings of loneliness?  Hope?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand at photographing the moon.  Perhaps you’d like to focus on an “eve” – a blue hour scene.  Or maybe you like the challenge of something more abstract with “speaking in code.”  Remember, you’re welcome to use any aspect of this song as inspiration.  The interpretation is up to you!


Please send me:

  • An image that meets the challenge
  • Your website/blog post (if you have one; if not, the name you’d like attributed to your picture); I will link it with your photo
  • Optionally, tell me how the song inspired your submission, and I’ll share those stories alongside your image (I’m always curious to hear how folks interpret these challenges!)

Image requirements:

  • Please send only JPEGs
  • Please keep file sizes small (no larger than 1MB)
  • You can submit any photograph or digital art you’d like.  You can even paint something and send me a picture of it; as long as it’s visual, I want to see it!

Email your submissions to

Please have all images submitted by 11:59pm, 11/30/17 (according to your timezone).

Good luck!

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