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One of my favorite parts of going on photo excursions is discovering small oddities.  Something unusual that catches my eye and stands out from the ordinary.  This was one such find.
© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

It makes me ponder the story that led to this image.  Who originally owned these long-abandoned glasses?  What kind of personality lay behind those eyes?  How did the frame come to be separated from its owner?  What compelled the subsequent wanderer to pick it up?  To mold it onto a chain-link fence?  How long will it stay perched there, and who else will notice?  Whose curiosities will also be tickled, and what sort of histories will they envision?

I’ll likely never know the answers, but I’m glad for the events that brought this unique scene to my attention.  These tiny mysteries make life all the more interesting to explore.

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