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As you’ve probably learned by now, I have a thing for cats.  Each one is a distinctly unique individual, and they never cease to amaze us with their quirks, their cuteness, their brilliance.  They capture our hearts and our internet.  I love the process of getting to know a new personality, and I have never known a home without at least one of these furry companions.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2012

Hailing from Japan, the idea of cat cafes are only just beginning to sweep the local scene.  If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is simple: provide a business where the patrons can visit with a dozen cats for an hour, playing, petting, snuggling, or just admiring (read: photographing).  Many also offer a true “cafe,” providing drinks and light snacks.  It’s wonderfully therapeutic, and for some, it’s their only means of getting a little furball healing.

We went to a couple of cat cafes while we were in Tokyo last year, and I think I prefer what we have in our own city.  The ones we visited in Japan required a minimum beverage purchase, one felt almost more like someone’s apartment than a business, and I questioned where the cats came from, if they were well cared for.

Our local cafe, Purringtons, brings in adoptable cats from the Cat Adoption Team, and they’re constantly getting new arrivals to meet the demand of those looking for their own companions.  I feel great about supporting a business that has “furever-homed” over 140 cats, and every visit allows me to meet a dozen new personalities.  The fact that everyone speaks English doesn’t hurt.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

They just celebrated a year in business, and in that time, I have become a regular, almost always with my camera.  I met Mystery, pet Bear, fell in love with blind Katie, admired Sailor Moon, and rubbed sweet Bradley’s belly.  We even celebrated the life of our recently passed Zoe with a party at Purringtons.  The beauty in this today’s photo of the week is Wendy, and as of this writing, she’s still available for adoption.

They have Meowvie Nights and Purr Yoga, all in the wonderful company of cats!  Go early if you want energetic kitties itching to play, not yet worn out by all the visitors; or wait until later in the evening for quiet purrballs curled in your lap.  Either way, it’s a great place to get some extra kitty love when your spouse won’t let them outnumber you.  Just don’t forget the cat-shaped cookie as you sip your meowmosa!

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