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Mmm.. artfully arranged morsels – succulent, steamy, with those tantalizing scents – beautifully presented.  Almost too pretty to eat.. almost.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

Who hasn’t indulged in a bit of food porn?  You see it at restaurants all the time.  The young generation whips out their smart phone of choice to snap a picture of their dish before they destroy the visual allure with a vicious and unforgiving fork.  Their empty stomachs adamantly protest while they post the image to Facebook or Instagram to make all their friends jealous – but at least the world now knows what they’re about to eat.

This shoot was a bit more planned and the first time I really focused on deliberately photographing my food (without the scrutinizing glares of my fellow dinnermates).  The event was simple: a bunch of us meet just before hours at a local Mexican restaurant, order food that sounds photo-worthy, take pictures until it stops steaming, then eat!

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

They had a lot of interesting Dia de los Muertos decor while we waited (not to mention margaritas), and the presentation didn’t disappoint.  The best part: these subjects were edible – and delicious!

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