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I seem to be on a cat streak with my posts as of late.. but can you blame me?  They’re so photogenic!  Both real and virtual, I love the little fuzzballs through and through; I never tire of their entertaining, quirky ways.

Our little family was broken last year when we had to say goodbye to our sweet Zoe, a maine coon/tabby mix who brightened my home for nearly half my life.  Now it is healing with the addition of a new terror on four paws…  Meet Mochi!

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Blame Big Hero 6 for the name inspiration.  As soon as I heard it, I thought it was the cutest name for a cat, and I vowed to have a cat named Mochi someday.  Our love for Japanese culture (and food) didn’t hurt.

A tux with attitude hailing from the Cat Adoption Team, she meows like a tribble and races down the hall with the force of a stampede.  Fortunately, she and our other kitty, Holee, seem to get along quite well; Mochi’s kitten energy breathes renewed vibrance into Holee, and we’re happy they have each other’s company while we’re at work.

It also appears I have somehow managed to bring home a kitty with some traits very similar to Zoe: aloof demeanor, black and pink splotchy paw pads, flopping around on the floor, meowing when she’s alone – right down to the cute little pink nose.  She even has an obsession with socks.  However, while Zoe preferred them on feet giving her chin rubs, Mochi would rather they be bundled in a little package, ready to be tossed in the air and ultimately carried away for later entertainment.

Like most cats, Mochi’s a real sweetie (we did have a reason for naming her after dessert, after all), at least when she isn’t busy being a hellion.  And, of course, everything belongs to her – including my camera gear.

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