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Sometimes, some of my favorite photos are of the most simple things.  It’s refreshing to stare at nature’s patterns, free from the overwhelming complexity of intricately framed scenes.

We went to the beach last weekend, and amidst the endless storms crashing into the shoreline, we were given a rare treat: half a day of beautiful sunshine.  Ordinarily, this lighting doesn’t make for the best photographs, but it’s because of this “harsh” sunshine that I was captivated by these shadows.  Cast by the tiny mountains shaped by the incessant wind, I find them simply mesmerizing.

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The peaks are so random, appealing to my affinity for asymmetry, and the similar triangular shadows tie them all together in their consistency, reminiscent of beautiful fractals – sculpted by Mother Earth.  Do I focus on the sand?  Do I focus on the dark depths?  If I stare at it long enough, I could trick myself into believing I’m looking at a topographical image of desert dunes, or the distant surface of Mars.  I can almost feel the ridges, just by looking at it.

Sometimes I don’t need a complex image.  Sometimes I’m content to enjoy the elegant beauty of simplicity.

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  1. I like this photo. It’s intriguing and without the explanation I’ll be still wondering what it is. Which I kinda like, although very simple it is challenging, in the sense it could be anything. Well done!

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