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I’ve noticed my posts tend to run a bit longer than I want or anticipate.  So, in an effort to mix it up and put more focus on the photography, I’m going to try adding something new: photo of the week!  This will highlight a picture I particularly like that week.  It most likely will have been taken in the past week, but I can’t always promise that.  In this case, it was 🙂

The world looked to the skies Sunday night for this spectacular celestial event, and I knew I wouldn’t miss it!  While it probably would have been better at some obscure campground with limited light pollution, I did the best I could with a Sunday evening.  I’m also learning that if I want to do more of this type of photography, it’s time for me to upgrade my telephoto.  Priorities!

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I’m still pleased with this result.  This was taken from Powell Butte Nature Park, east of most of the city.  The moon rose farther north than we were expecting, and it was so faint most of us missed it until it was pretty high in the sky.  I ended up enjoying more of the event with my own eyes than the viewfinder (which is probably better anyway).

This set of pictures was taken near the end of the eclipse, as the moon was reemerging from the Earth’s shadow.  I used the same stacking technique as I did for star trails, and I like the effect.

We’ll see how my moon photography improves by 2033 😀

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  1. Awesome! Your equipment is so much better than mine (naturally). I didn’t get any photos of the eclipse that were worth saving. Looking forward to your photo of the week!

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