Scatter Photos

Introducing a brand new project: Scatter Photos!


Scatter photos are composite prints – a single image scattered across multiple pages.  They are aligned to show the final image, and they represent the random chaos of life intersecting into the culmination of one amazing moment.

The initial iteration is mounted on foamboard for lightweight hanging, though I am currently working on wooden frames for a slightly more traditional look.

This is a new artistic project for me, so I welcome your feedback; I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Most of my images can be printed as a scatter photo, though I’m currently only offering sales of these locally.  Please review images currently for sale here, and contact me for specific requests.


This new project is being showcased at a local Portland restaurant.  I encourage you to stop by the British Overseas Restaurant Corporation (BORC) to check it out in person while you enjoy their nommy offerings.

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