WC: The Quest for the Edge

When I was a more casual photographer, I shot whatever caught my eye.  This mostly consisted of random moments, people, cats, and daily oddities.  My pictures generally didn’t look like others’, mostly because I was shooting things they missed.  I found an appreciation for scenic and landscape shots, but they too were mostly spontaneous – whatever I saw as I came across them.

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Costa Rica: Resort Life

We had always wanted to do an all-inclusive deal in some tropical paradise.  That way, we wouldn’t need to worry about our “room and board” beyond a single daily price – just our activities.  It worked out very well in Costa Rica, where our hotel came with unlimited fruity drinks, amazing buffets, and nightly shows.

But I didn’t expect it to also come with so many photographic opportunities.

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Weekly Challenge: …and a Puppy Makes Three

This week’s double challenge is tiny and numbers.  I thought about the number of macro shots I could do to satisfy the first, and the second could be interpreted in any number of ways.  But then I realized I’m currently in a place where everything is rendered tiny, and everyone is experiencing this time in their own numbers. Continue reading

Hawaii: Punaluu Beach Park

This is it, folks – the last Hawaii post!  I know some of you are sad about that, but I’m excited to share some photos from some of our other adventures as well.

We took it easy on our last day, making our way back to the Kona side of the big island, stopping into a beach or two, hitting up the southernmost restaurant in the U.S., and wrapping up the trip back at our Puka spot near the airport. Continue reading