TWOI: 4/30/18

Welcome to a new week!  Last week, Instagram saw some chilly images from Yosemite, a couple of beaches, the Milky Way, and beautiful Bryce!  Which was your favorite?

This first picture is of Yosemite Falls in the selfsame national park.  We came upon these falls in the afternoon, and we loved the rainbow they cast.  We resolved to return in the morning to get sunrise on the wall and catch that rainbow… not quite thinking that our intended vantage would be the wrong angle for the rainbow.  Whoops!

Yosemite Falls illuminated by sun, viewed from across a field | LotsaSmiles Photograhy

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A Winter Day at the Coast

I have just a quick one for you this week, as we leave soon for our next adventure: Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park!

Things have been incredibly busy for us lately; activities seem to come in waves.  So it was a relief to catch a break and escape to the coast for a day.


We lucked out with perfect weather (rare at the beach, and even rarer this time of year), and it was nourishing for our souls to be away from the hustle and bustle for just a short time.

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Weekly Challenge: …and a Puppy Makes Three

This week’s double challenge is tiny and numbers.  I thought about the number of macro shots I could do to satisfy the first, and the second could be interpreted in any number of ways.  But then I realized I’m currently in a place where everything is rendered tiny, and everyone is experiencing this time in their own numbers. Continue reading

Coastal Storms

Living so close to the ocean means we can reasonably traverse the 1.5 hours of highway on any given weekend.  Most folks prefer summertime trips with the warmth and the sunshine, the swimming and sandcastles.  I enjoy these visits as well, but I prefer to balance it out with a trip or two during our rainiest months, drawn westward by the thrashing sea and a cozy hotel. Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Simplicity

Sometimes, some of my favorite photos are of the most simple things.  It’s refreshing to stare at nature’s patterns, free from the overwhelming complexity of intricately framed scenes.

We went to the beach last weekend, and amidst the endless storms crashing into the shoreline, we were given a rare treat: half a day of beautiful sunshine.  Ordinarily, this lighting doesn’t make for the best photographs, but it’s because of this “harsh” sunshine that I was captivated by these shadows.  Cast by the tiny mountains shaped by the incessant wind, I find them simply mesmerizing.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

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© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

The Social Side of Photography

Photography by its very nature is a very independent hobby.  After all, it can prove quite difficult to fit more than one eyeball behind a single viewfinder.  And while a supportive friend or a doting husband may enjoy the sunrise or the waterfall with you, he will invariably grow weary of continuing the conversation several yards down the path just to turn around and find you no longer next to him as you’re drawn away by a gnarled root or peculiar blossom every few minutes like a Pixar dog – “SQUIRREL!” Continue reading