This Week on Instagram: 4/14/17

My efforts on Instagram haven’t been as successful as I would have thought, so it appears I need to experiment a little differently.  No new inductees to the 100 Club.  We’ll see what next week reveals.

Once again, I was surprised this first image didn’t get more love.  I absolutely couldn’t get enough of Landscape Arch.  I didn’t initially have this picture in monochrome, but I kind of like how it turned out.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

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This Week on Instagram 2/3/17

This week, there were more photos from Yosemite.  You should recognize the photo from D.C., Canyonlands, and our local snowpocalypse.  We also got out this weekend to witness a spectacular sunrise before we get socked in with rain yet again.  I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but some winters are much wetter than others!

These are in order of popularity on Instagram.

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Moab is teeming with activities for the adventurous.  Nestled between two major national parks and surrounded by endless desert and an alluring river, it is difficult to get bored.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

I’ve been intrigued by Arches for quite some time, but I wasn’t aware Moab had so much more to offer.  Canyonlands is effectively three distinct parks in itself: The Maze, Needles, and Island in the Sky.  The latter is the most tourist-friendly, and this is where we spent our time. Continue reading