I Notice You

Everyone has a routine.  And when each individual goes through the same motions day in and day out, those threads weave themselves into patterns – a tapestry of life.  Most go about their business without ever recognizing their neighboring threads.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2016

Do you notice the person who always sits in the same place on the bus with you? Do you see the woman who walks her dog past your living room window every morning?  How many times along your commute do you make eye contact?  Say “good morning” with a genuine smile?  Do you remember what any of them look like?

I do. Continue reading

How to Be Late for Work

Warning: photography may become addictive.  So much so, that your camera calls to you when you should be doing other things.. like work.  The pull didn’t used to be so strong for me, nor was it so easy to acquiesce to its alluring beckoning.  But over time, it became easier.  It takes practice, but you, too, can become an effective member of the tardy workforce.  These are the key elements conducive to photographic slacking: Continue reading

Photo of the Week: My Commute

I wake up at 5am every day (yes, even weekends).  This means I always get to see the sunrise, which is a real treat, especially when Waterfront Park is almost completely devoid of all human life, save for the most devout joggers.  I am fortunate to work close enough to home to be able to walk every morning, and this is my commute.

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