WC: What Do You Shoot?

I love a great many things in life – purring cats, a heavy snowfall, a rocking tune, a solid dose of mist, a beautiful hike – to name a few.  Sing with me: “these are a few of my favorite thiiings….”  And fortunately, most of the things that bring me joy pair well with photography, my other love.

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The Social Side of Photography

Photography by its very nature is a very independent hobby.  After all, it can prove quite difficult to fit more than one eyeball behind a single viewfinder.  And while a supportive friend or a doting husband may enjoy the sunrise or the waterfall with you, he will invariably grow weary of continuing the conversation several yards down the path just to turn around and find you no longer next to him as you’re drawn away by a gnarled root or peculiar blossom every few minutes like a Pixar dog – “SQUIRREL!” Continue reading