Photostory: Secret Cliff Discovery

Nowadays, most of the best cool spots are overrun with people wanting to see such locations firsthand.  With the prevalence of the internet, once secret or obscure places can be broadcast to millions of people within an instant – complete with GPS coordinates.

I do whatever I can to avoid crowds, and it’s sad to see some of my favorite spots reduced to a mere tourist attraction.  Therefore, I have decided to make an effort to not disclose the precise location of all of my photos anymore, instead sharing only the beauty therein.

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Weekly Challenge: …and a Puppy Makes Three

This week’s double challenge is tiny and numbers.  I thought about the number of macro shots I could do to satisfy the first, and the second could be interpreted in any number of ways.  But then I realized I’m currently in a place where everything is rendered tiny, and everyone is experiencing this time in their own numbers. Continue reading

Coastal Storms

Living so close to the ocean means we can reasonably traverse the 1.5 hours of highway on any given weekend.  Most folks prefer summertime trips with the warmth and the sunshine, the swimming and sandcastles.  I enjoy these visits as well, but I prefer to balance it out with a trip or two during our rainiest months, drawn westward by the thrashing sea and a cozy hotel. Continue reading