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Sunset behind Smith Rock in Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography

Biweekly Wow: Sunset at Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park is a fun playground for hikers, campers, and especially rock climbers.  As photographers, we also like to visit as there’s lots to shoot.  With the river, lofty vantages, plentiful wildlife, and the rock climbers, themselves, we wouldn’t be bored.  Smith Rock was easy to include in our recent winter trip to Central Oregon, though the day didn’t turn out the way we planned. The Crooked River winding through Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography (more…)
Evening mist descends on a wintery Yosemite Valley.

TWO5: 10/15/18

I’m keeping it simple this week; just four new photos on 500px. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through October.  Time inexorably slips by, and it just seems to go faster with each passing year.  But it is my favorite time of year: autumn!  We got out this weekend for some local fall color, so look for some of those pictures coming really soon! Boats floating at a frosty dock at sunrise on Diamond Lake in Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography This first picture was from our trip to Crater Lake.  We camped in a cabin at the nearby Diamond Lake, and with a chilly evening (we had a blizzard at the lake) and clear skies predicted the following morning, I had a hunch we’d get some morning mist.  I pried myself out of bed, and I was rewarded with this beautiful morning scene.  You can read all about that day here. (more…)
Hoodoos wake to another calm morning in Bryce Canyon National Park

TWOI: 5/28/18

Happy Monday once again!

Unsurprisingly, this was another difficult week to rank, but here goes!

This first one is from our hike on the Savage Alpine Trail in Denali National Park.  It was cloudy, but it was such a beautiful experience in that remarkable park.  Next time, we’ll have to stay long enough for the clouds to clear so we can see the grand mountain in person!

Cloudy, grassy mountaintop | LotsaSmiles Photography


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