A Taste of Japan: Old Meets New

Japan is full of some of the most amazing culture and fascinating history.  With a civilization many centuries old, Japan has had a lot of time to evolve.  However, they staunchly retain the rich past that defines their architecture, shrines, attitudes, and traditions.  They respect each other and have an incredible work ethic.  They impress the world every year with their technology, yet they loyally maintain structures that have been in existence for over 1300 years.

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Kumoricon ’15: Days 3 & 4

This year’s Kumoricon was one of the most exciting yet.  It was our last at the Hilton Convention Center, so I especially wanted to soak it all in.  We had one of the best photographer groups.. lots of great talent and solid work ethics.  It was a relief over some of my past experiences.  And we even had some amazing videos come out of our blossoming subdepartment. Continue reading

Kumoricon ’15: Days 1 & 2

In my last post, I summarized my journey into the geekdom of anime.  I have been to many conventions, and I continue to add more to my repertoire, but my heart and my home lie with Kumoricon.  It’s easy to claim this convention as mine.  It’s local, anime-specific, and it was the con that really solidified the otaku within me.  I have since met many friends, I have so much fun shooting it, and it is always the convention which I most anticipate. Continue reading

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I’m a Con Girl

I am a nerd.  There, I said it.  Or maybe I’m a geek.. really, I think I’m both.  But there are many types.  I don’t wear thick-rimmed glasses (though I’m sure Aaron would think me cute if I did); I don’t lock myself in my basement for days on end, engrossed in World of Warcraft; I don’t collect figurines (though I have a plushie or two..); and I don’t shy away from social gatherings.  However, I work best by myself, I have a quirky sense of humor, and I love anime. Continue reading