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This Week on Instagram: 6/30/17

Happy Friday, all!  I had a fun set of photos this week!

This first one is from Washington’s Palouse.  We took a weekend trip out there, and while it rained part of the time, we still had some beautiful weather in there, too.  This is the expansive view from Steptoe Butte.  From up top, you can espy everything from canola farms to wind farms.  It was quite the view.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017


This Week on Instagram: 6/23/17

This was a good week!  Not so much on Instagram, but where it really matters – right here on my blog!  I’m very excited to be sharing these photos with so many new followers – welcome!

This first image was from our river tour in Tarcoles, Costa Rica.  This crocodile just looks so friendly and happy!  Who wouldn’t want to pet it?

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017


A gnarled tree stands watch over the stunningly blue Crater Lake.

This Week on Instagram: 6/16/17

Today is my wedding anniversary.  Aaron and I have been married now for 8 years.  Crazy to think so much time has passed.

And together, we lead a pretty exciting life.  It can be stressful at times with how busy we are, but I love every moment of it; we have so many adventures!

And I love sharing them with you.


This Week on Instagram: 6/9/17

So I kind of liked posting my pictures in the order that I like, so I think I’ll just do that from now on.  After all, I don’t really care about the likes (and I shouldn’t), so why focus on that?

This first image was from our trip to Washington’s Palouse region.  Those beautiful rolling hills don’t get old, and they go on forever!

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017


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