WC: Varying my Hobbies

I tried something new.

While I understand the world is full of unique experiences and packed with far more ways to spend my time than I could logically sample in a lifetime, I still endeavor to explore as many opportunities as possible.  As a result, I end up a collector of hobbies – music, coding, hiking, writing, photography – and it’s difficult to choose which activities I wish to prioritize.


Even when I do focus on one thing for a while, the activity splinters into a thousand variations, any one of which could demand my full attention in itself.  Continue reading

WC: Rare Sun on the Slopes

I enjoy skiing (another thing my dad taught me when I was little), but I have to admit: the slopes are much better in the Rockies than they are on Mount Hood.  Colorado is dry, and sunny days are the norm.  If you ever see precipitation on those mountains, it’s in the form of more snow upon which to careen down a run on planks of wood like all the other crazies in rainbow dreadlock beanie hats.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

Therefore, the Cascades surprised me with rain, crust, slush, and ice.  Snow here is wet, dense, and sticky.  What an odd sensation to have the slope grip your skies like mud! Continue reading