WC: Overcoming the Tourist Trap

Tourist spots are so cliche and overdone that most self-respecting photographers will steer way clear.  However, there are times when a photographer has visitors from out of town, and they want to see these famous sites.  Many begrudgingly agree but leave the camera at home - what's the point in…

Cliff Dwellings

The next stop in our epic desert road trip was Mesa Verde.  I had seen pictures from my parents' previous visit - all red soil and thick ladders.  I was excited to see the famed cliff dwellings for myself, and they didn't disappoint! (more…)


If you find yourself in Vancouver B.C., chances are, you'll wind up checking out the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  To be frank, this is a tourist attraction (which I tend to shun).  However, this was interesting enough to draw us in, and the resulting verdict was that it was worth…

Steam Clock

If you're anything like me, a little child still resides in your heart, excited to pop out when the world manages to amaze an experienced and jaded mind.  This child oohs and aahs at simple mechanics and perfect patterns, tiny memories of less complicated times. (more…)