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Ten years ago was May 2008.  I surprisingly didn’t take too many photos that month.  In fact, I took a whopping 20 total pictures during that entire month.  So this analysis of my old pictures will be quite interesting, as I don’t really have a lot to choose from!

We took a trip out to The Gorge that May, and I only took a handful of pictures at Crown Point.  It was midday, so the lighting was simply awful.

Here’s the best I had to offer from that single day:

Straight out of the camera

This is  hardly anything I would call artistic; it was merely a snapshot.  I didn’t even bother to edit it then.


Things done right:

  • I like the composition with the building and mountains.
  • It’s well-exposed straight out of the camera.
  • While the lighting is harsh, shadows are minimized by the sun being high in the sky.

Things done wrong:

  • It’s the middle of the day, so there’s nothing particularly interesting in the sky, and the lighting is harsh.
  • I could have done more to crop out the parking lot in the foreground (raise my camera higher, zoom in, stood closer, etc.

Take 2

Edited today

There wasn’t much I could really do with this photo, but I did what I could with what was available:

  • I cropped out the parking lot; there was nothing interesting there I wanted to keep.
  • I color-corrected, enriching the blue of the sky and increased the contrast of the mountains.
  • I added a slight vignette.

I didn’t have much from May 2008, but it’s still interesting to see the kinds of things I was shooting back then.  Photography was certainly less of a priority, so I relied more on instinct than technique.  But I think there are some things to be learned there, as well.


I don’t shoot as much during midday, but that clearly won’t stop me if I feel so compelled.  Besides, daylight is good for certain types of photography (like wildlife and sports).  Do you shoot during the day, or do you keep the snaps to golden hour?

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