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Happy Monday, all!  Once again, we’ve survived another week.  But I’m feeling good (cue driving guitar hits by Muse (my favorite version)).  The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been simply superb for autumn photographing (look for a post on that later this week); the rains haven’t quite settled in yet.  So we’ve been able to get outside and enjoy it in full.  I love this time of year. This also happens to be a very busy time (when is it not?).  Between playing outside while we can, demanding projects at work (yes, believe it or not, I do have a day job, though I wish I could be a full time photographer!), and running the multimedia department for the rapidly approaching Kumoricon, my life has been insanely crazy.  So I have just this one image that I posted on 500px this week.The sunset illuminating the canyon walls in Canyonlands National Park | LotsaSmiles PhotographyThis photo has a fun story behind it.  We were attempting to locate a really cool overhang nook in the side of a cliff in Canyonlands National Park for sunset, recommended by a friend.  Unfortunately, we made the mistake of relying on a webpage for the hike directions.  This didn’t work so well in the park, where we quickly lost all cell service. First, we went the wrong direction entirely, just to get to the trailhead.  We eventually found it, but as we neared the cliff edge, we lost the trail and couldn’t find the next cairn to point us in the right direction.  Without the website, we were on our own, wandering aimlessly in an ever widening radius from the last cairn. As the sun inexorably sank toward the horizon, we became more desperate to locate our destination.  We climbed on top of rocks and around outcroppings to get back on track – to no avail.  I ultimately had to give up (not something I do easily) and set up the tripod in the best spot I could find, lest the sun disappear without me. This was one of the resulting shots. When we got back to our rental, we looked it up.  We found we were searching in the wrong area, though we were close.  However, due to the angle of the cliff at that time of year, we wouldn’t have seen much of a sunset, even if we were successful.  So in the end, I probably got better shots where we ended up.  Some things just work out that way. But lesson learned: print trail descriptions, or at least have destination coordinates on-hand!
While I didn’t get many pictures out on social media this week, I did get a bunch of new photos up on Picfair, now available for stock licensing.  If you’re in need of photos for your blog or business, I invite you to check it out; directly support an artist without the expensive middleman!  Here are the ten new images.
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