Happy 2024!

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I’m working on an exciting new project!  I love this new idea, and I’ll be sharing it with you soon (can’t wait? my awesome patrons already know what’s happening!).

But while I’ve been working on that, it does mean I haven’t posted much to Instagram lately.  I did, however, post to 500px last week, so I have those images to share with you this week.

I also noticed when I update the acronym to reference 500px instead of Instagram, I get a fun “TWO 5” thing going on.  I’m sure there’s something I can do with that, so I’ll think on it.  I can’t quite maintain 25 photos per week, so perhaps something else?  2 + 5 also conveniently equals 7, so maybe I can do 5 photos of one theme and 2 of another?  5 old, 2 new?

Not sure!  I’m just thinking out loud now 🙂  I’ll come up with something!  If you have any ideas, I welcome them below!

As for this week’s photos, these were all on 500px, so you know they come from my best work.

This first one was a happenstance shot.  I have a beautiful commute, and I always have a camera on me.  Therefore, when I walked under this sculpture near Portland’s Tilikum Crossing, I had to stop.  The vibrant red on the backdrop of the perfect morning blue sky, broken by happy cloud puffs, made for a very satisfying mix of color.  I also happened to catch half a dozen tiny sunstars reflected in the early light.

Red balloon art installation in South Waterfront, Portland | LotsaSmiles Photography

Next, another sunstar!  But this one is much more prominent.  I’ve shared this photo before (and the fun story behind it), but I keep coming back to it.  I had a lot of fun atop Mauna Kea, and I love thinking back on my disregarding my inability to breathe to race back and forth for just the right refraction.

A sunstar at the edge of the observatory atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea | LotsaSmiles Photography

Back home – back to the Tilikum, even – this was also a happy random find.  Passing under the bridge, I noticed a large concave indentation in the wall.  It’s lined with these identical circular tiles, each wonderfully reflective.  They caught the sunrise light just perfectly, so I spent a few minutes adjusting my frame for a pleasing composition.  It’s so simple, but I love the patterns, making it my favorite this week.

Detail shot of the circular tiles under Portland's Tilikum Crossing, reflecting the morning sunlight | LotsaSmiles Photography

Which photo do you like best?  See them all firsthand on 500px!

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