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Apologies for the short post this week (hey, at least I remembered this time!).  With the holiday last week, and with many summer activities otherwise drawing my attention, I didn’t post many pictures to Instagram or 500px.

In fact, I only posted one.  This one.  To 500px.

Gnarled tree overlooking Wizard Island in Crater Lake under the band of the Milky Way | LotsaSmiles Photography

This image was taken during a trip to Crater Lake, and it took some work to get.  Mostly, the moon was out much later than we wanted, and one does not get a very crisp Milky Way with a bright moon washing out the sky.

It was cold that night.  And we sat upon that little hill, just waiting for the moon to set as we froze our petuties off.

Ultimately, we were a bit impatient (and we could no longer feel our fingers), so we took what we could and raced back to the warm car.  As  result, there was still a bit of residual moonlight in the sky.

Fortunately, this national park is in our (figurative) back yard, so I don’t doubt we’ll be back.  Perhaps then I could plan for a new moon… and perhaps during a warmer month.

I post (usually) regularly to 500px and less frequently to Instagram.  You’re welcome to follow me on either or both!  I also always love hearing from you.  Please do share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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