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This week, I fell a bit behind, so I didn’t get any new photos posted to Instagram (shock!).  I feel bad, but the craziness of life just got away from me this time around.  You might have noticed that I have been focusing my Instagram account on wildlife.  For now, I think I’ll continue to do that and see how folks like it.  I certainly have lots of wildlife to share!

I did manage to get five new photos posted to 500px, so here they are:

First, a minimalist scene from Washington’s expansive Palouse.  We spent a long weekend there last spring, and it was such a beautiful area to explore.  One can view rolling farmlands as far as the eye can see, and there’s no end to picturesque covered bridges and red barns to photograph.

A lone tree standing in the middle of a verdant green field in Washington's Palouse | LotsaSmiles Photography

Next, an evening scene from Vancouver, B.C.  We visited this sister Pacific Northwest city over the Fourth of July weekend and wound up celebrating Canada Day with the locals.  I loved the clouds and the reflections on this particular evening.  I decided it needed a human element, so I posed for the timed image, not expecting the resulting scene to reflect such sadness.  How does this picture make you feel?

A person crouched on the waterfront as evening descends on the illuminated city of Vancouver | LotsaSmiles Photography

Also from the Pacific Northwest is this local waterfall.  I actually attempted to climb this one (see the almost-path along the left side there? looks almost passable, right?).  That proved to be a mistake, but I made it out alive.  You can read that whole story right here.

A gentle waterfall spidering down a mossy rock wall in the Pacific Northwest | LotsaSmiles Photography

Moving down the list, I have a picture I took during a holiday visit to my parents’ house in Colorado Springs.  This was, in fact, one of the last visits there, as they have since moved out of my teenage home and into their final retirement property.  I miss many things about Colorado – the reliable snow, the daily summer thunderstorms, the ability to hike almost any day of the year – but I do love living in the Pacific Northwest.  On this morning, I took my sister out to this spot just before sunrise to teach her a bit about landscape photography.  I think both of our photos that day turned out quite well.

Garden of the Gods's famous Kissing Camels rock formation, with Pikes Peak in the background | LotsaSmiles Photography

Finally, this week’s favorite was an easy pick.  I’m sure you’ve seen this photo before, but it’s new to 500px, so I get to show it of again.  This was one of my few strokes of post-processing creativity.  I really like how it turned out, though I was skeptical when I first did it.  I’ll never forget that day; it was certainly one to remember.  You can read all about my experience shooting the Great American Eclipse here.

Composite image of the Great American Eclipse, with the phases of the waning sun superimposed in the dark hallow of the smokey ring of totality | LotsaSmiles Photography

I also have these five new photos available for stock licensing on Picfair!


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