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Happy Monday yet again!  The weeks keep on spinning by.  But one thing happened this weekend for which I’m excited… the first day of autumn!  If you’ve been reading for a while now, you’ll know that autumn is by far my favorite season (some might say I’m a little obsessed).  The trees here are only just beginning to turn, and I’m anxiously awaiting the height of the fall colors.  You can be sure I’ll find a trail upon which to soak it all in, and I’ll share those photos here.  Which is your favorite season?

As far as the photos this week,  have just the five I posted on 500px.

Hawaiian sunset behind tropical flowers | LotsaSmiles Photography

This first one was from our photo trip to Hawaii.  There are no bad views in paradise.  We chose our lodging well; we had a beautiful Airbnb on the hill with this spectacular view of the ocean far below.  It had plenty of room for our entire large group, and it featured an expansive lanai upon which one of our group actually slept a few times.  If only we could have just stayed there for the entire trip!

Autumn treetops in Oregon | LotsaSmiles Photography

Next, one of my favorites from our journey out to the Boardman tree farm in Oregon.  Ever since I first saw pictures of this place, I wanted to go.  I’m so glad we made it a priority.  It’s being cut down now to make room for cow farms (so sad), so I’m thankful we got a chance to see it first hand.  And we had fun with it!  I got all the typical autumn photos (like this one), and a good friend of ours brought a white wolf costume with her, so we had grand fun with that as well.

Mossy rocks behind a waterfall | LotsaSmiles Photography

I like this photo for the details.  This was from a morning chasing waterfalls, and I wound up more-or-less scaling this one for a closer inspection.  This is the resulting photo, though the trek ended up being a bit scary.  You can read all about that adventure here.

Haystack Rock in Pacific City along the Oregon coast | LotsaSmiles Photography

Next up: a scene from Pacific City.  That rock might look oddly similar to the one in Cannon Beach, but it’s quite different.  We went down a few years ago to see the fireworks for the 4th of July, and we wandered the shoreline for photo ops while we were at it.  We had a similar view of the ocean as the Hawaiian picture above, but the weather at the Oregon Coast is not conducive to sleeping outside uninsulated.  You see that rope?  That’s just a prelude to an adventure!

Landscape Arch in Arches National Park | LotsaSmiles Photography

Finally, this is a picture from the famous Landscape Arch.  I think this ended up actually being my favorite arch in Arches National Park, mostly for the experience of this particular morning.  We tried for three days in a row to get a decent sunrise, and it all came to a head on this morning.  You can read all about that unbelievable day right here.

Thanks for joining me for another week!  Look forward to a brand new Norwegian photostory on Thursday; a “quick” hike quickly grew to 3.5 hours when we wouldn’t give up trying to find the glacier!

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