Happy 2024!

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It’s crazy to think it’s November already.. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

This first image was my only true stand-alone this week.  It’s actually a somewhat older picture; we didn’t carve pumpkins this year.  I do enjoy doing it, but I was just too busy with Kumoricon preparations!  I’ll be posting some pictures from that really soon.

© Brianna Shade 2014

This was my largest grid this week.  I kept to a Hawaii theme, with the main beach image being broken up with a few black-and-whites.  The last one with the tree stumps was my submission last week for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.

I like how this next grid turned out.  I did a few more of the smaller grids this week.  They’re a bit easier to plan, and the smaller tiles contain more interesting subjects.  This one worked out well with the three distinct focus points: the leaves, the bridge, and (though out of focus) the person.  We’ve been having some beautiful Portland fall mornings lately, so I was happy to capture this scene.  This was also an image from my response to this week’s photo challenge, “rounded.”  You can read that here.

Next is some more fall colors.  I loved the way these leaves filled the cracks of this manhole cover, really emphasizing the contrast between the orange of nature and the blue of man.

Finally, my favorite this week is a simple grid.  This was taken at the same waterfall as my response to my new musical photo challenge (read that here), and it was my header image for the responses to that challenge this week.  Read those here, and stay tuned for this month’s prompt where you can send me your own images!

How do you like the new grids?  It’s an experiment I’m having fun exploring, but I’m curious as to your thoughts as well.  See the full effect on my Instagram, and let me know what you think below!

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