Happy 2024!

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Happy Groundhog Day!  Apparently, Phil saw his shadow, which foretells six more weeks of winter, but the weather has been rather mild in our area, so I’m not so sure.  I’m hoping for drier weather, in any case.. for the photography, of course!

This week, there were only six photos on Instagram, and here they are.

This first one is of Chicago’s illustrious Cloud Gate sculpture, fondly referred to as “The Bean.”  I had a mild obsession with this beauty when we found ourselves in Chicago for a weekend.  You can read all about that discovery and my dance with its photogenic reflections here.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2011

Next, an image that hails from the Savage River Trail in Denali National Park.  This was a pleasant cool-down hike after tackling the Savage River Alpine Trail.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

This is another scene from Denali, almost 90 miles along the sole road that dips into this massive park.  I wish we could have seen the mountain for which the park is named, but the clouds there provided some remarkable texture and made for some misty photos.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

Ah, snow…  I do love snow, but I often have to go elsewhere to find it.  This was taken during my inaugural foray into cross-country skiing, and it’s from my response to this week’s challenge theme, “variations on a theme.”  The snow was coming down steadily, and it hung so heavily on everything around us.  You can read all about that adventure here.


I really love this image.  This was this week’s super blue moon.  We got up early the following morning to catch the lunar eclipse, but we were sadly clouded in.  At least I caught two of the three!  I also got a few clear shots of the moon a few minutes later, but I found I much preferred the mood the clouds added, and I love the naturally varied colors between the moonshine and the city lights reflected off of them.


Finally, this one is actually from last week’s Weekly Wow, but because I snuck in some pictures of Mochi for her birthday, it didn’t get posted to Instagram until this week.  You can read all about this picture here.


I post to Instagram every day, and I’m always trying new things there.  I’d love to hear what you think below!

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