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Another week, another set of photos.  Do you like these weekly recaps?

As you know, I’m moving more toward 500px over Instagram, but I’m still posting several times a week to both.  I have some ideas for new content; I’m going to try to start rolling some of that out soon.  Stay tuned!

This first image was from Bryce National Park.  I played around a bit with the coloring on this one.  It isn’t quite black and white with the red tones, and I like the feel the more sepia-like treatment lends.

Close-up of the Bryce Canyon hoodoos in sepia tone | LotsaSmiles Photography

Next is a scene from nighttime on Portland’s East Esplanade.  This was actually taken during the Winter Light Festival, though this bridge is typically illuminated in this fashion.  It’s hard to believe so much time has already passed since this festival; February doesn’t feel that long ago!

The illuminated Tilikum Crossing in Portland at night | LotsaSmiles Photography

This is surprisingly an older photo.  I dredged it up during an analysis on some of my older work (subscribe to my monthly newsletter for more!).  While I didn’t have a lot of decent photos from then (and my opinion of my older photos will continue to degrade as time goes on and as I improve), I really like the character of this one.  This works really well as a black and white.  The flock of seagulls taking off is interesting, and the lighthouse painted on the hotel behind them only adds to the scene.  This image just screams “beach.”

Seagulls taking flight from an Oregon beach with a hotel featuring a lighthouse mural in the background, in monochrome | LotsaSmiles Photography

Finally, my favorite picture this week is a classic image from the Pacific Northwest.  The Gorge and our surrounding mountain ranges are sprinkled with beautiful waterfalls such as these, and no hike is complete without at least a few.  I never used to have much appreciation for waterfalls, but events with fellow local photographers has changed that view.  We really do live in a beautiful place.

A silky creek cascading through mossy rocks along an Oregon hiking trail | LotsaSmiles Photography

Here’s what I posted this week to 500px:

I’m posting several times a week to my Instagram account and to 500px.  Feel free to check out both, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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